145 kr
Rollerski poles from StaffanSTAVEN. Price from:
400 kr
180 kr
StaffanSTAVENs shock absorber in a box
1100 kr
A pair of Spare springs with E-Paste lubricant
125 kr
Elongating kit for 1 pair of skipoles
220 kr

We send  your goods as soon as possible and hope that you will be very pleased.

Warranty for 1 year but we can not garantee against broken poles.  

We replace any part of the damper.  Springs are wear parts and expected to break,

mayby not sooner but in any case - later.  

The ferrules are also wear parts and has to be sharpened or exchanged.

You  can  pay  invoices  in  Swedbank  with  number :    8420-2, 964 649 857-7

PayPal - where you can pay in Swedish Crona, USD, Euro and Rubel

In Sweden you can - pay with Swisch - 123 371 83 43

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Gunnar Winroth

Tel:          070-6876694
Mail:         gunnar@staffanstaven.com
Adress:     Blockvägen 21,
                931 38 Skellefteå

Adress:     Blockvägen 21
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