Why shock absorbtion?

Because hitting the asphalt with undampened poles – is a shock!

Everyone with roller skiing experience knows that that shock can be uncomfortable and even harmful to wrists, elbows and shoulders. That's why we at StaffanSTAVEN are placing a spiral spring built into the handle. Years of testing and construction was needed to make it able to withstand the forces implied.

Almost unexpectedly StaffanSTAVEN has turned out to be an advantage in roller-ski races with several gold medals in the Swedish championships.


Even Seeberg from Norway - might serve as an example: I am a 19 year old xc-skier with my eyes set on reaching the top of the elite in the coming years. Last year I had an persistant inflammation in my shoulder for most of the rollerski season.  I discovered Staffanstaven and thought this was a smart product I really needed.  At the same time I was amazed that this was something I had not heard of considering I knew many skiers struggle with this type of injuries during rollerskiing season.  


A couple of months have now passed and Ever writes:  First I have to say that I have not had any trouble sith my shoulder , Very promising developement.  Skiing with StaffanSTAVEN is much the same feeling as skiing on snow.  And I am satisfied with your poles too.  The balance is good as the damper of the damper is in the handle.  The poles (StaffanSTAVEN RedCarbon, our comment) could be stiffer, not that I notice when skiing except maybe at speedtraining and finnishes.  The damper is really well build. 


Another months and Even writes: Hello, I thought I should write and report from the first competitions with StaffanSTAVEN.  I have just finnished "Tour de Synnfjell" which is a competition for three days.  First 5 km "free style" where I finnished second, then a really tough uphill race for 7,3 km where I came in third and then a  Skiathlon with a 6th place.  All together that gave me a second place in the total in a Senior competition!  Very pleased! The poles worked fine all the way and the comptition was noticed at langrenn.com  


It was a great end to a great season when I won in "Kungälv" last week, after a well disposed race.

Too bad the racingseason is now over for the roller skiing.  But I look forward to winter and snow now.  Probably have the first race in about 4 weeks at "Sjusjön"  in Norway, which by the way is a paradise for skiers.

I have competed in 9 races this season. 2 with my Swix poles (1 win, 1 second) 3 with my without StaffanSTAVENs dampers (3 wins) 4 with my with StaffanSTAVENs dampers (3 wins and 1 second place)


It is obvious that poles are of a very high quality and  does well both as a pole for racing - with or without StaffanSTAVENs  dampers.REDCARBON

This has been an unusually gratifying "racingyear" and I have  enjoyed comparing the feeling in different races with poles equipped  with our without StaffanSTAVENs dampers. The colder and harder the roads have been the greater the advantage with StaffanSTAVENs dampers.

With StaffanSTAVEN your rollerskiing is finally gentle and ”snowlike"!

We receive many letters with appreciating comments - so many that we now publish them under the headline "Letters". Enjoy the reading.


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Modell 2018


StaffanSTAVEN is now so durable, that elite skiers can use them for long hard training sessions.

In order to make the damper even lighter and slimmer we have started to use Carbon-fiber/Kevlar tubes. That cuts about 3 g from each damper and outer diameter from 19 mm to 18.5 mm. Not much but it looks good.

So if you are looking for a more comfortable tour on your roller-skis or really need help for your sore elbows StaffanSTAVEN just might be the answer to your prayers and the solution to your problem.

Staffan's rollerski pole damper i.e. StaffanSTAVEN is a spiral spring built into a pole handle. It provides a very good dampening of the shocks when you thrust the poletips in the tarmac.

The damper is constructed mostly of carbon fiber tubes and is so light that it does not hamper the poles dynamics, no heavy rubberdamper in the ferrul!

StaffanSTAVEN means a great improvement in comfort when you rollerski, but it also means much lower impact forces on wrist, elbow and shoulders.  So for the skier with overuse injuries to wrist, elbow and shoulder, StaffanSTAVEN is a great relief.

This is not just us saying so!  Our customers regularly compliment our product with words like "Magic!", "indispensibel", "ingeniuous" and so on. 

2010 - 2012 we made StaffanSTAVEN in aluminium, expensiv, difficult and with limited durability. It didn't matter to the skiers it seems, sales took off and many greatful skiers poored in letters and mails in gratitude. Late in 2012 we learned to make the damper with carbonfiber tubes - lighter, better.

Now 2019 -  we make Staffanstaven in Carbonfiber/Kevlar composite - even better.


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